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Composite Fillings

White fillings allow us to restore decayed or broken portions of your teeth almost invisibly. They are suitable for use in all teeth as they are chemically bonded. The variety of shades available allows a close match to the natural colour and shape of your own teeth.

Notice the change in appearance of the tooth before and after the replacement of the amalgam filling. You can see how well the white filling blends in with the surrounding natural tooth.

Our white fillings are chemically bonded to your tooth and are created from layers of different colours of filling material. This allows a close match to the natural shape and colour of your own teeth.

There are many more types of cosmetic treatment available at our practice. Veneers, ceramic crowns and tooth whitening are other types of treatment that can be used to cosmetically enhance your teeth.

If you are unsure about which type of cosmetic surgery would be most beneficial, then please come in for a chat with us to discuss the available options most suitable for you.