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Preventative Care

As we get older, we become more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay. Recent research has indicated a possible link between the health of our gums and heart disease.

Prevention is the guiding principle of all modern dental care. With regular maintenance visits to our hygienist plus appropriate home care you can prevent most dental disease. We at Wedmore Dental Practice are very keen on helping you take positive steps to avoid tooth decay and gum disease, rather than waiting for problems to occur.

Through modern preventative care, such as a simple scale and polish it is possible to sometimes reverse the early effects of tooth decay. Regular examinations will allow any problems in your mouth to be identified at the earliest stage possible. Many dental problems now can be treated preventively and without the need for injections or fillings if caught early enough.

We believe that you are never too young (or too old) to benefit from excellent dental care. We also offer preventative care to children too. This might be in the form of oral health advice from one of our qualified team members or by a very simple treatment known as fissure sealants, which protects the teeth from decay.