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Denplan Care is the UK’s leading independent preventative dental care programme. Through modern preventative care provided by us at Wedmore Dental Practice, it is possible to reverse the effects of tooth decay and avoid the need for a filling. Preventative care keeps treatment to a minimum, to see the benefits that Denplan Care can give you at glance click here.

Preventative dentistry

After we have made an initial assessment of the overall health of your mouth, we will calculate your monthly Denplan Care payment. This is based on the condition of your teeth and gums at the time of the assessment. This payment is collected by Denplan normally via a monthly direct debit.

Comprehensive care

Once your assessment has been made you can look forward to having healthier teeth and gums without the worry of a sudden and unexpected large dental bill.

Keep fit for your teeth

Your monthly payment entitles you to regular consultations, preventative care and advice, along with all the treatment you would expect from a dentist. In addition, you benefit from a supplementary insurance cover, just in case you need dental treatment – wherever you may be in the world.

Perfect partnership between us and you

In addition, the Denplan Care emergency Helpline numbers, give you access to dental assistance (where possible) in the event of an emergency anywhere in the world.

There are also other schemes available which may be more suited to your personal situation:

Denplan Essentials

Routine dental care includes:

Denplan Essentials does not cover:

Please remember that your routine treatment is at the discretion of the dentist and the contract is with your dentist, not Simplyhealth Professionals.

Denplan for Children

Benefits for your child

Benefits for parents/guardian

If you are interested in finding out more about Denplan Schemes, then please ask at reception about the benefits it can bring you.

Benefits of Denplan Care at a glance

If you are interested in finding out more about Denplan Care, then please ask at reception about the benefits it can bring you. For answers to the most regularly asked about Denplan Care questions please click here. Otherwise, make an appointment and we will be happy to discuss Denplan Care in detail.

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