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Denplan Q+A

Q. When will my Denplan Care contract with my dentist begin?

A. Your dentist will arrange your start date which will be entered on your contract- and will always fall on the first day of the month. Your Supplementary Insurance will commence from the start date of your contract, or Denplan’s receipt of your registration form, whichever is later.

Q. How will the benefits of Denplan Care differ from the dental care I have been receiving?

A. The emphasis is placed on preventative care and therefore your dentist will work towards stopping problems before they happen.

Q. How is my fee category determined?

A. This is based on your oral health at the time of your initial assessment.

Q. Where does the monthly payment go?

A. You are in contract with your dentist. Denplan supports the contract between you and your dentist. A small percentage is retained by Denplan for administrative costs (collecting payments) and the Supplementary Insurance.

Q. What are my payment options?

A. You can chose to pay your monthly subscription by Direct Debit, cheque or credit/debit card to Denplan. Annual payments are calculated on a calendar year basis.

Q. How much is the registration fee and what is it for?

A. The registration fee is a one off payment equal to your monthly subscription. This will be debited from your bank during your first months contract. It will cover Denplan’s initial administration costs to arrange your Supplementary Insurance

Q. Once I have signed my Denplan Care contract, can I cancel it?

A. Yes. You can cancel it at any time by giving us 21 days notice by telephone or in writing, to your dentist and to Denplan. The contract with your dentist will end on the last day of the month which next occurs. Further details can be found in the Care Agreement given to you when you sign the contract, and also on the reverse of the contract.